THe Continental String Ensemble

The Continental String Ensemble is a brand new musical performing ensemble created by Edgar Gabriel to perform 'European' music in a Cafe or Cabaret style. Austrian Schrammelmusik, Argentinian Tangos, French Chansons, Gypsy jazz and more are part of their repertoire.  

Watch the CSE perform Austrian Schrammelmusik: 

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Astor Piazzolla

Watch the CSE perform Astor Piazzolla's Romantico Idillio

Romantico Idillio

Johann Schrammel

Watch the CSE perform Erinnerung am Wien by Johann Schrammel 

Erinnerung am Wien

Gypsy Music

Watch the CSE perform Monti's Csardas


More Piazzolla

Watch the CSE Perform Extasis by Astor Piazzolla 



Watch the CSE perform Metallica's Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters

Original Music

Watch the CSE perform Edgar Gabriel's Canon & Chorus 

Canon & Chorus