The Continental String Ensemble

The Continental String Ensemble is a new chamber ensemble from Chicago that performs light 'European' classical music, rags, tangos, Irish jigs and reels, gypsy music and more. This premier ensemble performs concerts on stages, in cafes, cabarets, taverns, festivals and private parties. The foundation of the CSE's repertoire stems from the turn of the century 1890-1910. Their '1893' show showcases music from the Chicago Columbian Exposition. They perform Viennese Schrammelmusik, German Waltzes, Marches, Volkslieder and Polkas, Polish Mazukas, Argentinian Tangos, Spanish Dances, French and Italian Arias, American Ragtime and Folk music, Gypsy jazz plus much more. The CSE consists of one or two violins, viola and guitar. Other instruments such as tuba, accordion clarinet and vocalists are often added to enhance the group. While the CSE performs music from the last century, it is not out of their element to also play rock and pop hits of today.   



German Music & Viennese Music

Here is a montage of Viennese and German Music 


Watch the CSE perform Scott Joplin's Easy Winners 

Meditation from Thais

Watch the CSE perform Meditation from Thais by Jules Massanet

Tangos - Astor Piazzolla

The CSE Performs Extasis by Astor Piazzolla  

Viennese Music with Tuba

The Continental String Ensemble adds other instruments such as tuba performing Johann Schrammel's "Kunst und Natur". 

Dvorak Terzetto

Watch the CSE perform Dvorak's Terzetto 

More Videos



Watch the CSE perform Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 

Johann Schrammel

Watch the CSE perform Erinnerung am Wien by Johann Schrammel 

Gypsy Music

Watch the CSE perform Monti's Csardas


Watch the CSE Perform Beaumont Rag - Early American Jazz


Watch the CSE perform Metallica's Nothing Else Matters

Original Music

Watch the CSE perform Edgar Gabriel's Canon & Chorus 

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